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1 Pt. Uday Bhawalkar.jpg

Pt. Uday Bhawalkar

Chintan surrendered his heart towards the ancient Guru Shishya Parampara and started learning Dhrupad from Pt. Uday Bhawalkar ji staying at his residence in Pune in 2004. Pt. ji is a maestro of today’s Dhrupad Music and a visionary Guru from Dagar Baani tradition.

2. Pt. Vijay Koparkar.jpg

Pt. Vijay Koparkar

Chintan was fortunate to learn from Pt. Vijay Koparkar ji during his M.A. from Pune University in a very transformative method. Pt. ji’s honest and transparent feedback is rare in today’s world.

3. Dr. Vikas Kashalkar.JPG

Dr. Vikas Kashalkar

Dr. Vikas Kashalkar ji is well known for his balanced knowledge of theory as well as practical singing. Chintan was blessed by his teachings and by his open hearted and welcoming approach.

4. Shri Ashvin Andhariya .jpg

Shri. Ashvin Andhariya

Ashvin Bhai is the nephew of Late Shri Rasiklal Andhariya ji, and my first Guru who taught me how to hit a note on Tanpura. I was blessed to learn from him the techniques of Kirana Gharana during my school days in my hometown in Bhavnagar. The inspiration which made me search for deeper knowledge was resulted from his blissful teachings.

5. Shri Laxmipati Shukla.jpg

Late Shir Laxmipati Shukla

Laxmipati ji was a direct disciple of Pt. Omkarnath Thakur ji. He was the one from whom my parents and my self, we all were fortunate to learn under his tutelage. The Guru who brought music to our home.

My Parents

I was fortunate to born in the house where both my parents had priority for arts and culture. My father being a poet, painter and a great art lover I was able to develop a space for abstract since my childhood. They both taught me how to convert the hardest time of life into an opportunity. Passion to stick to the call of heart, is the gift from my parents. The biggest lessons of honesty, transparency and positivity have been given to me by my parents which has made all my journey more joyful and introverting.

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